As a lawyer turned comic/writer/storyteller, my background enables me to bring extraordinary focus, discipline and creativity to every project – be it on the page, stage or video. Communication skills tested and perfected in front of live audiences…

Cross platform writing work covers all media including: scripts for live world-class events or documentaries; story driven articles for a high profile educational nonprofit network; ghostwriting; web content and production work for a health and wellness site; copywriting for tech and financial services companies; fundraising letters; and advertising copy and editorial work. To find the latest writing samples – all in one place- go to gailthomas.contently.com

SPEECHWRITER. I’ve scripted over 30 LIVE EVENTS from awards shows, gala benefits to corporate conferences; crafting inspirational speeches and banter designed to entertain, motivate and educate. With clients such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Gotham Awards and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, my words have come out of the mouths of CEOs and celebrities like Martin Scorsese, Vera Wang and Kevin Spacey. Check out Fred Willard’s opening speech at the Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraising GALA.

STORYTELLING CONTENT WRITER/STRATEGIST.  I work as a strategic storyteller, writer and interviewer for various clients including a prominent nonprofit STEM education network. Those writing samples can be found at gailthomas.contently.com.  For Veria Living, a health and wellness website, I wrote for digital and marketing departments. On the media side, I helped develop an award-winning web comedy series. Playful, conversational language worked best when I wrote for a life style website: Resolutionguru. And there were numerous gigs as a copyeditor and writer for advertising agencies and direct marketing firms…

SCRIPTS. I wrote the documentary feature which launched Al Jezeera America, a major news channel. I’ve also developed animated shows, sitcoms, fake news, screenplays and treatments. For a few laughs, watch short comedy My BFF, shot with a loose script and lots of improvisation.

CREATIVE NONFICTION and HUMOR. I’ve written and published essays and articles.  The Villager, a NYC (Greenwich Village) paper published my piece We Cheer describing my neighborhood’s coming together following the tragedy of 911.  I wrote a humor column for Business Woman magazine.  

STORYTELLING – Performance/Coaching. I’m a Moth StorySLAM winner and have performed with RISK!, The Liar Show and a number of NYC storytelling shows. I work privately as a coach and teach classes for the Story Studio. See storytelling videos on my youtube page for Blinkfast Productions.

Variety keeps everything fresh. If you’re searching for your voice, stop – just call me. We’ll say what needs to be said and have a good time.