With tons of experience performing sketch, standup and improvisational comedy in major comedy clubs, I know how to deliver the funny – as a writer and an actor.

You’ve heard my voice in cartoons like Angelo Rules and Beavis and Butthead, as well as in films, tv and radio commercials. I’m not Tina Fey per se, but I’m pretty sure she’d love working with me. And I’m not nearly as expensive…

I’m also a speechwriter, writing scripts for world class awards shows, benefits and corporate conferences including the Tribeca Film Festival and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles. My words have come out of the mouths of people like Martin Scorsese, Sara Jessica Parker and Jason Alexander.

I’m also a coach, producer, filmmaker. Collaboration is fun and it makes for excellent results! I’d love to learn about your projects and help you deliver your message effectively: on stage, video or on the page. Check out this website for information and/or contact me anytime. Let’s talk.

For reviews and recommendations, please go to my linkedin page at:   https://www.linkedin.com/pub/gail-thomas/1/531/b32