Welcome! Here’s a quick overview of my work as a writer, actor, storyteller and coach.  With tons of experience performing sketch, standup and improvisational comedy, I know how to deliver the funny…

My writing work covers all media: scripting live events like the Tribeca Film Festival, a documentary for Al Jezeera America, corporate video, animation, web content, advertising copy, SEO articles and other stuff. As a speechwriter, my words have come out of the mouths of CEO’s and Oscar winners like Kevin Spacey and Martin Scorsese.

Acting wise, you’ve heard my voice in cartoons like Beavis and Butthead, as well as in films, TV and radio commercials. From the Shakespeare stage to commercials. Collaboration turns me on.  As a filmmaker, My BFF is rated 95% funny on comedy website, Funny or Die.

I teach with the Story Studio, one of the premiere storytelling educational institutions in the world. Full of heart and soul, we provide friendly, expert training to help students
turn their meaningful moments into unforgettable narratives. Great for business too!


Storytelling is a passion. I’m a MothSLAM winner, also performing with The Liar Show, Sideshow Goshko, RISK! and many others. Featured on podcasts like Modernstories, RISK! and Stoops2Stages.

Fav Recent Podcasts: 

Singleling  Vanessa Valerio’s podcast delves into a topic I know and love: being single… This recent episode explores “Friends with Benefits,” a status I swore again.. until I finally joined the trend.. with mixed results.

RISK!!  Recorded live in Austin Texas, this podcast, the brain child of  Kevin Allison, is life changing. The theme for this episode is Perception.  

Stoops2Stages  Listen up as I hang with my pal, Gastor Almonte, a super talented standup/storyteller. We talk about family, first impressions, my burglar, storytelling, Beavis and Butthead and stoop shopping…